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About the Author

Nadine Rajeh is the ultimate go-to mentor for high-performing teens. Her guidance is heart-centred, judgment-free, and individually tailored to suit your teen’s uniqueness.

Nadine is a relationship coach, an expert keynote speaker and author in her field of excellence.

She’s an engineer with more than sixteen years of experience. She's a creative writer. And she’s a mom of four!

Nadine integrates her coaching with her diverse set of expertise stemming from her successful career in engineering and entrepreneurship, and she adds in her holistic approach to fulfilment and success.

Nadine works with families from all around the world, guiding brilliant teens through the hidden challenges of being a high performer. She helps them level up their social and leadership skills, and shows them how to build long-lasting resilience so that they enjoy a joyful, balanced life while going after their goals.

Nadine believes in the power of youth and their big dreams, and she knows that building a brighter future for Earth, starts with empowering our young ones. Nadine champions parents who want their teens to reach their highest potential and shine!

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