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Heart Centered Coaching for Families

Episode 22 - Nadine Rajeh - Heart centered coaching for families

Interview with Nadine Rajeh

Nadine Rajeh is a coach for parents and teens, an engineer, a best-selling author, and a mom of four. Originally from Lebanon in the Middle East, Nadine has travelled a lot before settling in New Zealand with her husband and four kids. Nadine provides heart-centred coaching for families worldwide, to help teens overcome stress and distractions, and build confidence and self-motivation. She also works closely with moms to help them handle parenting triggers and develop genuine connection with their kids. She believes that building a brighter future for the planet starts with empowering our young generations.

About the Podcast

Bringing Education Home Helping families develop inside and outside the box!

Bringing Education Home is hosted by Herb and Kristina, founders of Vibrant Family Education. Each week they explore topics that help entrepreneur families develop more fully into the family they want to become by discussing education alternatives and educating the whole family/child.

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