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How to Use The Book

This book isn’t your typical parenting book. It’s more of an interactive experience than a reading exercise. It contains reflection exercises and journaling prompts for you to do as you read along, and it’s designed such that you end up with practical takeaways and action steps.

To get the most out of this book, I invite you to:

  • Be open and willing to consider new ideas and viewpoints.

  • Read the chapters in the order they’re presented in.

  • Do a bit of personal reflection after you read each chapter.

  • Complete all the journaling prompts, exercises, and actions items as you read.

  • Implement the proposed actions.

  • Move at your own pace.

You might be thinking that you’re too busy to do reflection and journaling, but I invite you to trust the process and try it out. You might be tempted to skip ahead, but you will miss out on the journey.

Set aside some uninterrupted time and give this experience to yourself as a gift. I’ve provided lots of empty space for you to journal on and explore your thoughts. You can also use your own notebook.

I’ve also created a free resources page on the website for the readers of this book. For those that would like to be involved in a like-minded community, ask questions, and share your thoughts.

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